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Communication: A Key Factor For Success

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Before actual construction or any sort of demolition can begin the process has to be outlined and agreed upon in a series of documents. Usually, the designer will meet with the customer multiple times for there to be project transparency. Without the use of communication, designs would fail. The customer and designer have to be on the same page when it comes to budget, design, time frame, process, and methods of communication. Designers who are hard to reach make jobs more difficult and run the risk of decreasing performance rates.

Communication in all fields is important. Having multiple meetings becomes important for interior designers, so they can truly understand what the client is looking for. No client would want to work with a designer who is hard to reach, cannot manage deadlines, and continuously strays off budget. Communication will help solve 99% of the issues in the design process before they arise.

Even when working with construction crews and other people involved in the design process it becomes important to be able to communicate. For example, if something unexpected goes wrong the designer has to communicate with the construction manager or other crew members to find the right solution that lines up with the deadline and budget.

Ultimately, the more communication the better! Being transparent instills confidence in clients and improves your chances of success.


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